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/niks.taˈmal/ Nixtamalization
The key to high-quality taste, flavor, and texture.
The millenary process to make tortillas, kept alive by Abuelitas throughout the generations.  

Nixtamal also enhances the nutritious quality of corn and changes its structure into a malleable material. It is responsible for an aromatic experience comparable to coffee or wine.

Minervas are made 100% from nixtamalized corn.

Handmade is delicious, but is the hardway to make a tortilla

Tortillas made with the traditional method are labor intensive and very hard to find.
Advance manufacturing and accomputer guided process to elevate the tortilla category
Handmade tortillas without the hassle


Minerva masa is made from pure, clean kernels that are cooked, finely grounded, and kneaded to create an authentic taste
It is also the main ingredient of other Mexican and Tex-Mex foods like enchiladas, tamales, sopes, tostadas, chalupas and many more.
How does Tortilla-as-a-Service work?
You worry about creating a delicious dish and experience and we handle the heavy work of handmade tortillas.


We outsource the heavy lifting and repetitive tasks to machines


Non-gmo, fair and ethically trade corn

No hassle updates

Don't worry, everything is always updated, just like your phone, our hardware gets over the air new updates all the time


Handmade at scale, great flavor and 4x cheaper that other methods to make handmade tortillas

Best things in life come wrapped in a Minerva
Bringing back what makes tortillas good in the first place.

Made with the ancient method of Nixtamalization.
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Bridging tradition and authenticity to the future

Tortilla as a Service brings the possibility of having fantastic tortillas without all the hassle, we are empowering a new generation of chefs, foodies and people that just want the best out of life.

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Reimagining our Food Industry for a better future

Minerva Robotics is creating a world with a healthier, more sustainable way to produce, process, distribute, and eat food.

Progress of a human kind

Local, diverse, & authentic Community

Breaking the mold with fresh solutions


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