Minervas: The Evolution of Tortillas

Why "Minerva"?

Minerva is the goddess of wisdom in Roman mythology. Minerva tortillas take wisdom of ancient cultures, and the power of cutting edge technology, to bring smart food for humanity.

Starting from scratch

Authentic tortilla preparation starts with the whole corn kernel


Millenary process in which corn kernels are cooked in an alkaline solution, changing corn’s chemical structure. It is a critical step that improves the final product and gives tortillas their amazing flavor and texture.

Nixtamalization involves time and labor. We offer a self-sufficient, time and cost optimization solution that will bring the benefits of this millenary process into your kitchen.
Handmade tortillas without the hassle

Back To Basics: What Makes Minerva Tortillas Abuelita Approved

Awesome smell & flavor

An aromatic experience comparable to coffee or wine.

Texture & consistency

Taco shape test: Minervas are soft and never crack when rolled.

Using the same method that Abuelitas used to

Made by nixtamalizing corn, which improves nutrition and enhances flavor.

The only Ingredients that matter

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Blue corn
New Mexico
White Olotillo Corn

Oats and More coming soon

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