Co-created by robots

Cutting edge technology to bring back the lost tradition and authenticity of Tortillas.

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We are working hard to bring handmade tortillas close to you, our Minerva Fresh service is the first tortilla on a box subscription
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Minerva Robotics is reimagining the food system for a better future. Our state of art technology will improve the way you produce, distribute, prepare, and enjoy food.

If you are interested in having handmade co-created tortillas at your restaurant drop us a line
I want handmade tortillas without the hassle

A process previously made by humans is outsourced to robots

Handmade tortillas elevate any dish, we know it, but making them is hard, painful and takes a lot of time and money.

We aim to bring back the benefits of authentic tortillas, and bridges these delicious foods into the future.
Soft, Tasty & Nutritious
Tortillas, the way they should be
Cooked to perfection
We use a computer guided process and analytics to create the perfect tortilla all the time
From the best natural ingredients
Try different types of corn (blue, white, red, even Oats and more to come)
Full transparency of food’s origin
Traceability of ingredients from the farm to the table

Save water, energy, and food
optimization & sustainability
No-human-touch production
reducing risk of contamination.
How does tortilla as a service works?
You make amazing food, we provide the tortillas.


Outsourcing the heavy lifting to machines and computers


Non-gmo, fair and ethically trade corn.

Simple to update

Over the air updates, always the latest software


The first handmade tortilla at scale

Industrial technology and software solution

Empowering business owners and entrepreneurs

We want to help Mom & Pop Shops, Restaurant owners, Chefs, and everyone that loves a good taco, quesadilla and chilaquiles to create something unique and fantastic

Awesome flavor withouth the hassle

Human/Robot co-manufacturing for achieving the best quality Minervas.

Increase productivity
Cost-efficient, processed optimized, smart factory solution.
Making traditional cooking processes that make tortillas
Eagle-view of production line
Live production notifications give you timely visibility. Analyze sales, time-trends, and ingredient levels to improve performance.
Full transparency of food's origin
Traceability of ingredients from the farm to the table
Less downtime through predictive maintenance
Through predictive technology, our robot lets you know when it needs service, before the malfunction happens.
Consistency of product quality
On-demand recipes, sensors, computer vision, and machine learning make sure your production is always at point
Reduce staff training and learning curve
No need to master complex skills
Access to quality raw materials
Supplied by a network of farmers of high-quality raw materials.
Reduce risk of contamination
No human touch production reduces viral contamination
Reduce injuries and accidents
Robotic Minerva Shop keeps hazards away from your staff
Increase customer satisfaction
Your customers will appreciate the taste of authentic tortillas.

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i want handmade tortillas without the hassle